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Stakeholders Partake in the Annual GJC Consultative Meeting

           Gerona Junior College, Inc. stakeholders devoted their time for this year’s consultative meeting aimed to converse the undertakings of GJC for SY 2019-2022 and plan for SY 2023-2026, Thursday, June 29, 2023.

GJC President, Dr. Maria Vivian P. Ang encouraged the LGU representatives, barangay officials, alumni, parents, teachers, students, and school admin to extend their support to GJC as it continues to be an innovative learning organization.

                 “May we continue our bridges for our common goal,” Dr. Ang said.

GJC Principal, Ma’am Zita P. Guerrero, Academic coordinators, Dr. Annabelle A. Lacabayan, Ma’am Joeylhyn P. Guerrero, and the Guidance Counselor, Sir Ruel P. Daliva, subject coordinators, Ma’am Jean P. Mendoza, Sir Leormhan Jacob E. Dela Cruz, Sir Rey Mark E. Bacsa and Sir Dexter B. Rombaoa imparted the plans and proposal for innovation to the school operations, in the areas of Budget and Finance, Administration and Governance, and Instructional Planning, GJC’s PVMGOCV, Academic Support,  Faculty, Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction, Instructional Leadership, and Physical plant.

            The stakeholders actively participated by giving their comments and suggestions in different areas of school operations.

            MZPG stressed the significance of the consultative meeting. “On behalf of the administration, thank you for the endless love and support you give to GJC. We continue to work hand and hand for the betterment of our students,” MZPG yearned.

            Indeed, GJC continues to expand its various initiatives for excellence.


Lyric Video

Christmas is the season of joy,the most wonderful time of the year. GJC wishes everyone’s home with happiness,heart with love and life with blessings. May we all feel the Christmas spirit as GJC shares its Yuletide melody to all. A Christmas ID which is a upshot of love and zeal, with lyrics and musical arrangement originally made by GJCians...


GJC Christmas ID Music Video

Title: Isang Regalo

Director: Edward Granil

Videographer: Federico Velasco, Emerson N. Millado, Aldwin D. Sembrano

Editors: Ruel P. Daliva and Jezer T. Lopez

Headed by: Anthony Adrian T. Perez

Special Thanks to:

Hon. Mayor Eloy C. Eclar

PMsgt. John Hay Macapulay

Hon. Councilor Edwin R. Yamoyam

Mr. Dan Howard D. Ibay and Family

Mr. Daniel Q. Estabillo and Family

Mrs. Lirio C. Yamson and Family

Mrs. Racquel B. Tadioan and Family

Mr. Alison P. Ramos and Family

Mrs. Marlene B. Flores

Mrs. Nancy A. Lactaotao

Mr. Reizel Jade R. Ochoco

Dr. Vivian P. Ang

Dr. Renato E. Ang

Gerona Hospital of the Sacred Heart staff

GJC Administration, Faculty and Staff



GJC Online Appointment Scheduler

Since we are experiencing a pandemic, GJC would like to ensure everybody’s safety.  Hence, this form intends to limit the number of people visiting the school.  All visitors are required to set an appointment before coming to GJC.  Please fill-in all information needed.  A note will tell you that you have set an appointment.  Get your confirmation through your email.  Take a screenshot of your schedule and present it to the guard so you can enter GJC premises.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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SEVERAL activities lined-up for the 3-day diamond celebration from April 21-23, 2021. The celebration is marvellously altered since activities were featured virtually i.e., through GJC’s FB account, Gjc Gerona but undoubtedly did not compromise the fun and mystery.

Started up with a motorcade on April 21 which practically covered the whole municipality of Gerona – from North to South and East to West.

A different kind of the students’ field demonstration was watched out for while the Alumni’s participation in the Blind Singer Competition was very much awaited too.

Bawal Judgmental and Salamat GJC, both TV show-inspired segments, were indeed must-see portions.

The faculty and staff likewise performed incredibly in an exciting virtual concert where they showed their singing and dancing talents, far from their e-classroom personalities.

The celebration was not completed without the Search for Mr. and Ms. GJC where students from different levels vied for this year’s title.

Finally, GJC went live! Questions on enrolment and other inquiries were answered live on FB via Gjc Gerona.

Truly, GJC continues to shine bright like a diamond!


2020 Virtual INSET trends

AFAR the traditional way of teaching and learning, the pandemic shaped new learning modalities such as online distance learning and modular distance learning.

Hence, teachers must be armed with the proper know-how of the new system which was emphasized on the three-day PEAC Virtual In-Service Training held last September 24- 26 --- equipping and transforming teachers in the New Normal of teaching and learning process.

Discussion on managing flexible classes was tackled to give teachers strategies on how to adapt to the new system of teaching.

“This INSET sets a challenge among us educators in this time of uncertainty. We have to be more passionate, committed and dedicated in teaching our students. These aspects would fire up our desires as teachers to access every student; to cater their students’ styles in learning; to target 2020 Virtual INSET trends essential competencies to develop in our students; and to value students’ absorptive capacity of information”, Dr. Edna Padilla yearned as she challenged all the participants.

GJC educators expressed their gratitude and had so much realization after the inset and looked forward to be more adaptive, equipped and skilled in transforming themselves to the new normal.

“As a new teacher, it was a perfect avenue to be informed of the processes of aligning the learning competencies, TLAs, and assessments especially in this new normal. The seminar reinvigorated my knowledge in a lot of aspects of teaching. We can’t have an opportunity like that daily. I enjoyed it a lot,” Ma’am Yena Duay exclaimed.

“GJC will expand to spring arenas for opportunities and professional growth for the teachers,” Ma’am Zita assured and added, “With pronounced urge from GJC administration and faculty, we can guarantee quality and excellent education for our students and parents.”

With all the relevant and meaningful inputs imparted in the seminar, teachers will utilize and apply these as they continue adapting the new-fangled of modalities in teaching.



THE administration is pleased to announce that for SY 2021-2022, there will be NO TUITION FEE INCREASE to help parents ease the burden of sending their children to GJC which provides quality education amidst the pandemic, the official announcement was made during the virtual PTA meeting, April 9, 2021– aiming to strengthen the bond between parents, teachers and the administration.

The said conference started with the opening video that featured the whole journey of the SY 2020-2021 – how challenging the school year had begun and how GJC seized victory.

Recorded videos of Ma’am Zita and Sir Tonju were played which conveyed gratitude to the parents for their undying support and cooperation which contributed to the success of the distance learning modalities that we adapted this school year.

Guerrero and Perez Jr. resonated that GJC will continue to serve the students, parents and the community with grateful heart.



A THREE-day sign off from synchronous and asynchronous classes was made to give way to the first ever Virtual Intramurals in GJC history, the said festivity was held last October 28, 29 and 30 where home based and indoor activities thrived.

thrived. The event’s theme imaged the various inevitabilities of today, Grade 7 named themselves as “Facemask-riders”, Grade 8 as team “Thermal Scanners”, Grade 9 was labelled as the “Face Shield” group, Grade 10 as “Team Alcohol fam”, Grade 11 clothed as “Soaperheroes”, while Grade 12 was “Maka-PPE” named after Personal Protective Equipment.

GJC president and director, Mr. Antonio C. Perez Jr. believed that, “It is not the usual intramurals but Covid cannot stop us from having this activity.”

Events featured were as follows: Mobile Legend Bangbang, Chess, Billiards, and the most anticipated Search for Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2020.

The events were streamed live in different social media platforms for the students to witness and feel the vibe of E-sports. “First time ito pero, kaya natin!” highlighted by the TIC of the activities.

“The games, even though they’re E-sports, showcased camaraderie as my students cheered their classmates during the categories,” said Filipino teacher and grade 7 adviser, Ms. Jazel Anne Suliva.

“May mga bata na nadisqualify because of not following the rules. May lesson pa rin doon kahit na naglalaro. Kahit magaling ka, kung wala kang disiplina, hindi ka magtatagumpay sa mga mithiin mo sa buhay,” Ms. Jinky Isla claimed on being part of the committee.

Whilst the awarding was approaching, the teachers recapped the preparations they did which made the event possible. “We carefully planned the technicalities and mechanics of each category to provide good output,” said Sir Diofhel Kenneth Balimbin.

aid Sir Diofhel Kenneth Balimbin. “This is just the beginning of our virtual events here in GJC. Our students should expect more exciting and better online experience in our coming virtual events. Just like what we say here in GJC, ‘Basta GJCian, may paraan!’” said Sir Angelo Joshua Ramos, the head of the event’s technical team.

Awarding of certificates of recognition to the winners were given by Ma’am Maria Zita P. Guerrero via Facebook Live which concluded the event.


Domantay Takes Seat As PTA President

PARENTS have been regarded as one of the important school stakeholders; they greatly contribute to the success of the teaching-learning process.

Despite the new normal setting, the school’s PTA still proved its significance by electing a President who has a heart to lead the association – Mr. Dionisio L. Domantay.

Garnering the majority votes, Mr. D o m a n t a y led this year’s General PTA officers as President. Other officers were also elected, Lani M. Mislang (Vice-President), Janine C. Javier (Secretary), Editha Rombaoa and Ma’am Joeylhyn P Guerrero (Treasurers).

“To my co-parents and co-officers, brainstorming is effective in so many aspects. Let us apply this activity to think, push and pursue for the improvement of our school – GJC,” Domantay said. He also renders advice to students that they have to continue with their dreams and ambition despite the challenges they are facing online.

Representatives per year level were also chosen as PTA officers. They are Teresita Gamalinda (Grade 7), Wilma Fortez (Grade 8), Cesar Evangelista (Grade 9), Lito Lacayanga (Grade 10), Elorence Rivera (Grade 11), and Remedios Pagatpatan (Grade 12).

Both the elected officers and grade level representatives took defy as allies to help the school works towards improving and enhancing the life of the students and the school as a whole especially in this time.

This annual activity proved that parents in GJC are supportive amidst the health crisis. This even strengthened the Parent-TeacherAdministration relationshi



“APPRECIATION is defined as expression of admiration. As we live our day to day in this new normal, we tend to forget to appreciate the people who strive hard for us to have the learning experience that we deserve,” Sir JAPS Severino- HR Head, resonated as he spearheaded the tribute for teachers October 8, 2020.

One of the highlights of the celebration was the recognition of the outstanding teachers who extraordinarily devoted their time, efforts, performance, initiative and creativity. This year’s recipients were Sir Jerome F. Salcedo and Ma’am Joeylhyn P. Guerrero as Helping Hand awardees, Ma’am Desiree Torres as Social Responsibility awardee, Sir Ian R. Dela Pasion as Excelsior awardee, and Ma’am Anita C. Balbin as Green Heart Awardee. All the recipients were given plaques of appreciation and cash gift.

Students also prepared an online program as they expressed their gratitude to their unsung heroes --- their teachers. They made post card messages to greet their teachers; surprised them with virtual dance numbers; made them tearyeyed through their song of gratefulness and described them through a spoken work poetry that truly brought out their sacrifices and nobility. Each section also created walls on padlet for their video greetings and messages to their advisers.

“Our teachers are more than just educators; they play vital role in our lives most specially in our present time. They are the guiding force in our lives who hone our holistic development and help us to step into the world of realities and challenges,” Angelo D. Adaoag said.

Before the program ended, Sir Leormhan Jacob E. Dela Cruz shared his words of wisdom and inspired other teachers about passion. He said that passion is able to make meaning to what you do.

“It is very important for us teachers to know the purpose why we are doing this or that and we should keep the passion alive in us,” he emphasized.

Teachers also expressed their appreciation to GJC for this celebration. “GJC never fails to surprise us; giving us an annual celebration every teacher’s day. My heart is filled with joy. Who would have thought that this virtual tribute to teachers would be possible even in these difficult times? Indeed, “Basta GJCian, may Paraan,” Joeylhyn P. Guerrero, faculty member said.



Now scripts a novel journey of teaching and learning processes in the new normal- GJC’s administration, faculty, staff and students exhibited the integral support on the opening of classes. Stakeholders likewise, showed the upkeep that GJC is certainly ready for this school year. Mr. Antonio “ Tonju” C. Perez fronted the “We are ready” campaign video with principal Ms. Maria Zita P. Guerrero, academic coordinators, teachers, parents and students.

Also, GJC’s Learning Management System is all set to billet all means of online classes. The administration had long provided series of trainings to teachers since the first week of April. Teachers and students had a-three-week orientation to acclimate and to arm them with system of teaching and learning processes using the LMS in the new normal. Similarly, teaching and learning modalities and resources were prepared to meet the standards of Online Distance Learning (ODL) and Modular Distance Learning (MDL).

Indeed, GJC is always dedicated to its mission and committed to excellence amidst any pandemic.

To God be all the glory.